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Various Ways to Troubleshoot the Outlook Send Receive Error 0x80042109

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Outlook is a widely used email client that is known for its efficiency and user-friendly interface. However, it is not immune to errors, and one such error is 0x80042109. This error code can occur for several reasons, including incorrect configuration settings, network issues, or corrupted Outlook files.

In this article, we will discuss the various causes of this error and provide some practical solutions to fix it.

All they need to do is hit the Send/Receive and wait. However, there have been reports of the outlook send receive error 0x80042109.

Introduction Outlook Error 0x80042109

Outlook Error 0x80042109 is a common error that can occur when trying to send or receive emails. This error can be frustrating as it prevents you from accessing your emails and can interrupt your workflow. In the following sections, we will explore the causes of this error and provide some simple yet effective solutions to fix it.

Understanding Error 0x80042109

Error 0x80042109 is an Outlook error that usually occurs when the program is unable to connect to the email server. The error message typically reads, “Sending reported error (0x80042109): Outlook cannot connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server.” This error can occur when trying to send or receive emails.

Causes of Error 0x80042109

There can be several causes of Error 0x80042109 in Outlook. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Incorrect email account settings
  • Network issues
  • Firewall or antivirus software blocking Outlook
  • Corrupted Outlook files
  • Incorrect SMTP server settings

What is the Outlook Send Receive Error 0x80042109?

The outlook send/receive error 0x80042109 occurs when Outlook fails to connect with the mailbox server, this can happen due to various reasons. The most common of these include:

  • Issues with the PST file. It might have got corrupt or is malfunctioning.
  • It can also happen due to some malware or virus attack on the system.
  • The error 0x80042109 can also occur due to erroneous or incomplete installation.
  • Also, the internet can be unsteady, hence there are connection issues.
  • One more reason can be that the account settings are erroneous.
  • There can be pending updates on your system. It can be of the software or the OS.
  • We also cannot rule out the existence of a large number of junk files on the system.

As you can see, there are various reasons behind this issue. However, the fix to this is pretty general. You can get rid of the problem with the initial few methods.

How to Troubleshoot the Outlook Send Receive Error 0x80042109

After covering the reasons, it will be easy to go through the fixes for this issue. The list is in no particular order, so feel free to proceed with what works for you.

First Option: Network and Mailbox Connection

This is the most basic thing to do. You need to ensure that your system works well with the internet. For this, you need to ensure that:

  • The system is within range of the Wi-Fi router;
  • There is no maintenance or downtime going on from the side of the provider.
  • Another thing you can try is restarting the router, this might resolve your issue.
  • If you use wired connections, then check the cables and the ports.

Second Option: Re-Add your Account on Outlook

With this, you will be able to give a fresh start to your account

  1. First, you need to click on Settings. After this, you will have to look for Apps.
  2. Next up, navigate to Outlook. Here you will have to click on Advanced Settings.
  3. Now you need to opt for the Reset option. This will bring back the application to its untouched state.
  4. Finally, add your account again to Outlook using the correct credentials.

Once done, you can try to send a mail to yourself. This will be an experiment to check if the Outlook Send/Receive Error is still there.

Third Option: Ensure Mail Settings are Correct

The email settings play the main role in sending and receiving of emails. If they are incorrect, an error is unavoidable. So to verify their correctness.

  1. First, you need to launch the application. After that navigate through Account Settings > File > Info
  2. Next up, find the erroneous account and double-click on it. In the next window, you have to click on Change.
  3. After that, go to Advanced Settings > More Settings > Advanced Settings.
  4. Now you need to assure that the port no. of the Outgoing Server (SMPT). If it is 25, change it to 587 or vice-versa.
  5. Also, you have to set the encryption to TLS.
  6. Now confirm the selection with OK, then Next, and then Finish.

Fourth Option: Temporarily Disable the Security Software

The Outlook Send Receive Error 0x80042109 might be the reason for a virus attack. However, it can also be the reason behind the error itself. So to resolve this issue, try disabling the anti-virus application and the Firewall.

To disable the Firewall:

  1. First, you need to launch the Control Panel. After that, you need to click on the option Turn Windows Defender On or Off.
  2. After that, you have to opt for the option Turn off the firewall. Next step is to confirm selection by clicking on OK.

Now in order to disable the Anti-Virus:

  1. Right-click on the application and opt for Disable.
  2. Also, you can confirm it using the Task Manager. Launch it using the Alt+Ctrl+Delete, and close any Anti-Virus.

Once done, try sending a mail through Outlook. You should now be able to carry on with your operations.

To Conclude

the Outlook Send Receive Error 0x80042109 is not a tough nut to crack. Be patient and try the fixes which we have listed above. You should be able to fix it with the easiest solutions among them.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the Outlook error 0x80042109:

  1. What causes Outlook error 0x80042109?

Error 0x80042109 can be caused by various reasons, including incorrect email settings, network issues, or antivirus software blocking the connection.

  1. How do I fix Outlook error 0x80042109?

There are several steps you can take to fix error 0x80042109, including checking your email settings, checking your network connection, disabling antivirus or firewall software, repairing Outlook data files, or reinstalling Outlook.

  1. Why can’t Outlook connect to my outgoing (SMTP) email server?

Outlook may be unable to connect to the outgoing email server due to incorrect email settings, network issues, or antivirus software blocking the connection.

  1. How can I prevent Outlook error 0x80042109 from occurring?

You can prevent error 0x80042109 from occurring by ensuring that your email settings are correct, having a stable and fast internet connection, and configuring your antivirus or firewall software to allow Outlook to connect to the mail server.

  1. What should I do if none of the above steps work?

If none of the above steps work, you may need to contact your email provider or IT support for further assistance. They may be able to provide you with additional solutions or troubleshoot the issue further.


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