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Why is Demolition Needed?

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The demolition of a building is defined as the safe and planned process of razing it to the ground. It is a necessary process because every building has a lifespan, even the seemingly robust ones that have been around for decades. When that time comes, you need a trusted demolition company to do the job effectively.

Reasons for Building Demolition

You can’t simply decide to demolish your building and do it immediately. You’ll require a demolition permit from the relevant authorities before you can proceed. Such is the gravity of building demolition that you’ll need to provide a good reason before such a permit is granted.

There are several reasons for choosing to demolish a building. These include:

1)The Building is Old

Even the best-constructed buildings have a lifespan. This is when they’ve reached their expected age of regular functionality and are no longer in good condition. Depending on the type of building and its constituent materials, it may have a lifespan of a few decades to hundreds of years. Most modern buildings fall in the former category. Given that the average modern building now has numerous installations like wires, phone lines, and sewer systems, these amenities tend to gradually malfunction as the building gets older. Having a building that’s way past its expected lifespan is a major reason for demolition.

2) The Building is Badly Damaged

Explosions, fires, and earthquakes are some of the phenomena that can damage a building badly, so much so that demolition is then the only option. For example, an earthquake can destroy key supporting beams of a building, making it likely to collapse. Once a structural engineer makes such a determination, demolishing such a building becomes the only viable option.

3) Structural Issues

Usually, erecting a building is a well-planned venture, involving numerous professionals working on its different aspects. However, sometimes major flaws may be discovered later on, flaws that necessitate the tearing down of such a building. For example, a routine building inspection may uncover serious flaws with its structures or foundation. Regardless of whether such flaws were due to egregious human errors or some other unforeseen factors, demolishing such a building may become necessary.

4) Presence of Hazardous Materials and Animals

Some building materials can be hazardous to human health when people come into prolonged contact with them. Buildings with such materials may need to be demolished to eliminate this health risk. For instance, many buildings that were erected decades ago still have asbestos as part of their wall insulation. Asbestos is a chemical that poses the risk of cancer in the lungs and throat. Some jurisdictions may compel the owners of such buildings to demolish them as a public safety measure.

Similarly, a building may have been abandoned for some time, making it an ideal place for critters like snakes, rats, and termites to live undisturbed. Such buildings are usually dilapidated. This, coupled with the damage that critters can cause to amenities like wiring, may necessitate demolishing the building.

5) Financial Gain

Sometimes, a building is just not in the right condition to fetch its owner a handsome price if put on the market. In such instances, getting it demolished to make way for the construction of a new building is the only way the owner can realize profits. Of course, sometimes the plot of land on which a building sits may be more valuable without the building itself. The owner is then motivated to demolish the building and sell the vacant lot for a markedly higher price.

These are the main reasons people may consider the demolition of a building. Of course, a building owner may simply wish to have a newer building that is in accordance with their specifications. In such cases, all they’ll need to do is secure a demolition permit to get rid of such a building.

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How Long Does Building Demolition Take?

Once the decision to demolish a building has been reached, the first process is planning. This is usually left to the demolition contractor tasked with the job.

A typical demolition job involves some key stages like:

-Surveying of the building to be destroyed and any surrounding features like roads

-Preparing the necessary documentation including obtaining the demolition permit

-Outlining the necessary safety measures on-site and in the surrounding areas

-Removal of any hazardous materials and debris once the demolition work is done

Ultimately, demolishing a building is usually because of a structural issue that makes it unsafe for habitation or financial gain.


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