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How much could your data cost on the dark web

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Many people think the Internet has improved our lifestyle by offering consistent connectivity, banking services with a single click, online shopping and many other things.  But this is not the whole picture, and the reality is possibly very diverse, particularly when it comes to information being utilized by several platforms.

Though the Internet, as well as Internet-based services, got fast development worldwide, cyber crooks have also become more active than before. The dark web is one of the best places for hackers and other cybercriminals involved in these types of illegal activities in order to store stolen information.

Here you must be thinking about what kind of data is sold via the dark web and how much it is cost. This article will discuss more data on the dark web and its value.

What’s the Dark Web?

All the data, information or content on the internet that is deliberately hidden relates to the dark web. These cybercriminals use special software to get access to these hidden data. No one can access the dark web using regular browsers, including Google, Bing, Baidu and more, despite the fact the dark web is also a part of the World Wide Web.

How much might your data be worth on the Dark Web?

The price of your data on the dark web totally relies on the type and amount of data. However, your data might cost from a few dollars to millions of dollars. For instance, the information related to credit cards might cost $5 to $20. On the other hand, the price of a complete identity profile could be over $1000.

ExpressVPN’s dark web study by cybersecurity professionals examined across multiple websites on the dark net and specified price indexes from former years, including the yearly report from Privacy Affairs, in order to find out the most widespread products that are available on the dark web like credit card information, hacked data, and forged documents. You can see the index from the mentioned resource.

Following are a couple of the most considerable elements that affect the price of your data on the dark web.

  1. Demand for data
  2. Quantity of data
  3. Type of data
  4. Rarity of data
  5. Quality of data

Why cybercriminals select the dark web to store and sell your data

It is essential to have proper knowledge about the causes of why cybercriminals prefer the dark web in order to store and sell your data before defining the cost of your data on the dark web.

These are a few leading causes why cybercriminals choose the dark web to store and sell stolen data.

  • A safe environment in order to keep activities secret.
  • A bigger market for stolen data along with smooth access to purchasers.
  • Absence of rules and regulations. No law implementation.
  • Anonymousness and avoiding being revealed.
  • Being able to get paid without disclosing identification.

Final Words

The part of the world wide web that provides hidden place to users is referred to as the dark web. However, mentioning that the dark web is usually connected with unlawful activities is essential. In order to access the dark web, users will have to use special software along with good enough technical knowledge.  Cybercriminals typically sell data on the dark web for different prices relying on the type, quality and quantity of information. 

So, it is imperative to take precautionary measures for the safety and security of your personal data in order not to be discriminated against by identity theft and additional cybercrime activities.  


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