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7 Business Card Etiquettes You Must Always Follow in 2023

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In business, forming a good impression is everything. And this is not just related to how you dress up or speak.

Even something as small as giving out business cards can impact your client’s mind. You might never hear from them again if you make one small mistake!

Around 63% of people toss away business cards simply because they cannot connect with the brand!

So if you wish to make a great first impression this year, these are some of the business card etiquettes you must follow!

1. Always carry enough cards

Never leave your home or office without carrying a bunch of business cards in your pocket.

Otherwise, if someone asks you to give them your company’s contact information, you won’t be able to provide them because you didn’t carry enough cards. That would also reflect poorly on your brand.

Moreover, make sure that the cards are all in crisp shape and not bent or torn. Ideally, you should keep the cards in a business case to protect them from friction and wear and tear.

2. Use a localized script

This tip will be useful for those who have expanded their business in a foreign land.

Most people print out their company’s business information in English. However, it can produce negative results if you’re handing out cards in a city or country where English isn’t widely spoken.

So along with English or some other standard language, make sure to add the local language to make it easier for your customers.

Take help from the printing company or a translator to better grasp the local language.

3. Go digital and get rid of paper-based mess

Even though this is not exactly etiquette, it helps to eliminate paper wastage. Most business cards are thrown away just a few days after receiving them.

So not only will your customers forget your company, but you will also be contributing to environmental hazards.

Over 7 million trees are cut down each year to produce business cards, not to mention the gallons of water and other natural resources that are taken up. So make digital copies of your business cards that can be shared online.

4. Keep your cards updated

Whenever any of your contact information changes, run to your nearest card printer and ask them to make fresh copies of your cards with the updated information on them.

However, if you switch to digital business cards, you’ll avoid all this hassle.

If you generate a QR code, your customers will be able to scan it and visit your company website for product details.

Even if your company’s information changes, your customers can still use the same QR code.

5. Hand the card in a proper manner

In most Asian countries, giving your clients the business car with both hands is customary as a mark of respect. Similarly, the client should also receive it with both hands.

Also, while you’re giving the cards out, always make sure that the front of the card faces up and not the back.

If you wish to appear more polite, you can give a small bow or a handshake after giving the card. This shows that you’re a polite and professional person who means business.

6. Say a few things about your company

After you offer your card to the interested party, you should ideally say one or two lines about your company’s motto or the bestselling products and services.

You don’t need to fill in a whole pitch; just a few words will do. For example, you can explain to them what the logo means or which contact number to dial first.

You may also provide additional details that are not available on the card. This makes the receiver feel you have a personal connection with your business, giving a good impression.

7. Make each exchange important

Even if you’re handing out the 100th business card of the day, you should do it with the same politeness that you had shown in the first exchange.

If your work appears sloppy or uninterested, your client will certainly forget about your business the next day.

Never imply that the card you’re giving out is just one out of many. The first card should be given to the most senior staff member, and then you can progress down from there. Otherwise, it might seem rude.

Over to you…

These are a few of the basic business card etiquette and manners that you need to follow.

Even though it might look complicated initially, with enough time and practice, you can make your business reach great heights by forming a positive impression on people!


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