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Flutter vs. React Native: Which one is better for 2022?

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So, which one is preferable: Flutter vs. React Native?

Imp:- Flutter vs. React Nat: Which is better for your app?

Flutter’s codebase is more reusable than React Native’s, putting Flutter in front of React Native in terms of code reusability. Flutter allows you to modify a single line of code, define new logic, and reuse your codebase for another purpose.

To clear up the confusion, we’ll compare these two frameworks – Flutter vs. React Native – so you can see which one is best for your next development project. It is critical to weigh these two options, understand their advantages and disadvantages, and select an implementation path that meets your needs.

Flutter vs. React Native – A Brief Introduction to Frameworks

We’ve discovered that our clients frequently contact us with the following inquiries:

  • What is the difference between Flutter and React Native?
  • What factors should I consider when comparing Flutter and React Native?
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  • Should I continue with native app development on native platforms or switch to cross-platform app development?
  • What is the difference between Flutter and React Native?



Flutter vs. React Native: How Do These Technologies Differ From Each Other?

After getting a brief idea about the fundamental differences between the frameworks, let’s dive into more details about the essential difference between Flutter, React Native.

1. Programming Language


Flutter makes use of Dart, a programming language created by Google.. Dart is used by Cross-Platform Mobile App Developers to create mission-critical, high-quality apps for web, Android, and iOS. With features such as excellent documentation and flexibility, Dart is a great fit for mobile and web apps.

React Native

React native uses Javascript as its programming language. It compiles its Javascript code to native view, and the rest of the code runs in the virtual machine packaged inside the app.

React Native

2. Installation


Installation of Flutter is quick and doesn’t take much effort. You need to download a file for the operating system you would require, and you’re good to go. In the case of macOS, after downloading, the file needs to be included as a path variable.

React Native

React Native can be installed by Node Package Manager. With macOS, you need a HomeBrew Package Manager as well. So, for Cross-Platform Mobile App Developers having NPM, the installation of React Native is smooth, but others need to learn the nitty-gritties related to NPM.

3. Architecture


Flutter’s architecture is arranged simply as all the necessary components are already built on the Dart framework. It also includes already implemented frameworks like Cupertino and Material Design for creating applications.

React Native

React Native’s architecture is effective in building client-side web applications. Every framework of this architecture follows the MVC framework. This process enhances the user experience as the async calls take place apart from the main thread.

4. UI components


Flutter has its own built-in widgets. Due to that, various unique apps can be created from Flutter’s extensive library of customizable widgets. It includes better access to navigation, layouts, interaction models, etc., along with the support of movements and animation.

React Native

React Native uses a Javascript bridge to gauge the UI components to get an extra abstraction layer. It also contains UI component libraries, which a cross-platform app development team can use for creating applications. Some of them are React Native Elements, NativeBase, React Native vector icons, etc.

5. Community Support and Documentation


Flutter team can be found for support in a 28.7k user subreddit, 142,000 stars on GitHub, and Stack Overflow. The community is still growing, and Google does everything to ensure that all the developers’ queries are resolved and documented for further assistance.

React Native

Being the framework that was released first among the three, it is a given that React Native has excellent community support worldwide. It has approximately 12,000 users on Discord chat and strong support from Stack Overflow.

6. Code change


Flutter’s Hot Reload feature helps you quickly implement, change, build UIs, and fix bugs. It loads code changes into the VM and builds the widget tree without compromising the app’s current state.

React Native

Fast Refresh is a React Native component that allows you to get near-instant changes to your code. You just need to edit the module, and Fast Refresh will update the code and re-render your component. With Fast Refresh, most edits are visible within a second or two.

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7. API


Flutter apps are beautifully rendered through API access, state management, navigation, libraries, and testing. The API makes it possible to access third-party libraries for tearing off the User Interface identically on Android and iOS.

React Native

React Native’s APIs make accessing things like the phone’s camera roll, persistent storage, and location easy. These APIs are made available through included modules, which provide asynchronous Javascript interfaces to the functions.

Flutter vs React Native vs MAUI — A Detailed Comparison

The future of cross-platform development

With its global market revenue expected to reach $107440 million by 2026, cross-platform app development framework is considered to be an advancement of mobile platforms. However, within the hustle-bustle, enterprises’ central problem is selecting the right framework. Should they choose Flutter or React Native?


Through the comparison, it is clear that Flutter, and Reactive Native are strong players in the cross platform development market. However, many businesses are still confused about which framework to use for their project. Here’s the answer:

  1. Is Flutter better than React Native?

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