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6 Tips For Saving Money On Air Charter Services

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Although most people think of high-net-worth individuals when it comes to private air travel, the reality is that this type of travel is now more accessible than ever before. Thanks to the emergence of new technologies, it is now possible for many people to book private jet charter services.

Why Book a Private Jet Charter?

Through private aviation, individuals and organizations can avoid the hassles of commercial air travel. This type of travel is commonly used by individuals and organizations who want to get more done in a shorter time frame. In addition, it allows them to travel to various places simultaneously.

Booking a Van Nuys private jet charter offers other benefits besides efficiency. Many love the convenience that it offers. You will be able to bypass many of the inconveniences that commercial airports have. 

Instead of choosing a preset flight time, you will be able to set the time of your flight, and the private jet will be waiting for you. Sometimes, you can pull your car up to the aircraft before you board the plane.


How to Save Money Booking a Private Jet Charter

Despite the various advantages of a private jet charter, it still costs a lot to fly privately. That said, even the wealthiest individuals should not have to pay more than they should for this type of travel. Even though it can be expensive to book a private jet, there are ways that you can save money. Below are some things you can do to reduce the cost of flying private.

1. Compare Your Options

When choosing a private jet charter, you should compare the available options. In addition to the type of aircraft you choose, the other factors that can affect the price of your charter include the departure and arrival times.

2. Choose Aircraft Type Carefully

Before booking a flight, take time to choose the right type of aircraft that you want to use. Usually, private jets are either light or mid-sized, and the prices will increase depending on the type of aircraft that you choose. Older models are often as safe as newer ones and typically offer lower prices. The size of the aircraft will affect pricing due to the fuel cost.

3. Consider Empty Leg Flights

One of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of a private jet is by looking for deals on empty-leg flights. These are currently empty flights and will be relocated or returned to their original destination. Since these are typically cheaper than flying on a newly-booked flight, you can take advantage of these cheap empty-leg flights. You can find numerous deals with the help of charter services.

4. Share Flights

An innovative way to reduce the cost of private air travel is by using a crowdfunded flight. Many companies have started offering this sharing model to make flights affordable for more passengers. 

The more people that share a private jet charter, the less it will cost per seat. Even with a fully-booked flight, it will still be less crowded than most commercial flights. You will also bypass the many inconveniences listed above regarding commercial airports.

5. Use Regional Airports

One of the main advantages of flying private over a commercial flight is that you can access thousands of regional and smaller airports worldwide. These allow you to get closer to your final destination and save money. It is typically cheaper to fly into a regional airport than a major commercial one.

6. Know When It’s Best to Book Round Trip or One-Way

If you plan to stay at your destination for a couple of days, booking a one-way charter is typically cheaper than a round trip. This method will allow you to avoid the fees associated with the time the private jet is on the ground. When considering this, also think about when you are booking the trip. Peak times of the year, such as around holidays, can significantly increase flight costs.

Final Thoughts

Booking a flight with a private charter service offers many benefits. You don’t have to be wealthy to enjoy the luxury that comes with it.


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